No time to shop? No time to deliver?

Roses and Frogs Gift Company gets the job done!

 Pick four things for the gift from each category.

1)Pick a sweet...beautiful iced cookies, peanut butter fudge, little cakes 

2)Pick a flower...freeze dried roses, fresh flowers of your choice, or silks to last 

3)Pick a comfort...soft throws, soft scarves, robes... 

 4)Pick something to make you smile... a picture framed of your loved one, a glass with your initials etched, a stained glass piece, a silver spoon bracelet or necklace, a book or devotional


Christmas is here! We have hand painted glasses and warm painted jackets . These make great gifts! Just add Christmas  cookies and a small tree for their room!

Warm hand painted jackets


Birthdays are always special! Celebrate the milestone with a birthday plate and iced cookies or a cake!

A single vase with Gerber daisies or roses make the day. We can include napkins, plates and extra cookies for their friends! We will sing Happy Birthday...hopefully on key! 

Pick a  Spa Package with a neck wrap, soft throw,            creams and flowers for the day.                            


About Us...

We are reliable professionals with over 30 years of business  and design experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. Brenda, Kay or Ms Dorothy will be happy to help you!

Our plan is to serve...

You name it and we can provide a solution to your gift giving woes. You can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right. We will pack your gift and ship it or deliver it with a smile to your loved one.

Our caterer will bake fresh cookies or small cakes for a tea party or birthday. We can deliver an informal birthday in a box or unpack it for them and sing Happy Birthday!

Your mother remembers an afternoon tea. Let us bring this experience to her with  china and linens and tea and cookies.

We have fresh cut flowers or potted plants, freeze dried flower arrangements or silks if you prefer!  We can even add a handpainted card.


Cost for the packages are determined by the cost of each component. Remember, we pack each box with your loved ones in mind.  Contact us for details.


We are your concierge service for gifts. If we have to find what you are looking for, it may cost a little more for our time. Please allow time for the cakes and cookies to be made for each special occasion. If you have a picture to be framed, this takes time.

Tea for two or more may include china tea   service with your tea ready to pour. ..little     tea cakes or scones, a teacup with flowers to keep and a necklace, or a throw (to keep       your tootsies warm) with a book on a cold     day.                                                                   

Ms Dorothy and her granddaughter at tea time!    

 Handmade silver spoon bracelets.                           

Choose to have your gift delivered in a wrapped box or basket or a hand made crate... which can later be used for books or magazines.


 1Pick a sweet:                                                                3) Pick a comfort:

            Cookies, fudge, cupcakes or cake                  soft throws, soft scarves, robes, 

2) Pick a flower:                                                              4) Pick something to make you smile:    

   silk arrangment, freeze dried roses,                         silver jewelry,  framed pictures, soaps,                                                                                                                                              purses, books etc.....             
   fresh (local) or small trees for Christmas
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